Sihanoukville is located in the south of Cambodia. It is 185 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh in a small Peninsula and Bahia. Beaches are the main feature that attracts national and foreign visitors. A small archipelago is embedded by the Sihanoukville Bahia off its south and west coast. The commercial and international port is located at the north west. The limits of its territory. North and West Koh Kong Province. East Kampot province and south Gulf of Thailand Beaches the line the west contour of the city from north to south are victory Beach, Lamherkey Beach, Koh Pos Beach, Interdependent Beach, Sokha Beach, Serendipity Beach, Ochheurteal Beach and Otres Beach. The most popular beaches are Ochhuerteal, Sokha, Independence and Victory.

Tourists can take water taxis to the nearby islands from diving snorkeling, and game fishing. The peninsula is separated from the central plains of Cambodia by the Damrie mountains, especially the Bok kor The city is also besides the Ream National park(210km2) and it includes the islands of Koh Thmei and Koh Sei Being a rather small province, Sihanoukville has two main urban centers: the port itself and the Prey Nob District, 46 kilometers from Sihanoukville down town to the north. The city is connected to Phnom Penh to Phnom Penh by National Road No.4, to Kampot Province by NR 3 and to Koh Kong Province. There are also sea routes to Koh Kong, Kampot, Vietnam and Thailand from Sihanoukville Port centre, The town centre is located on a hill roughly in the centre of the peninsula and is seen as a district area from tourism promotion. It contains the banks, bus station and market, although the post office is some distance toward the port.