Virtual tour always focuses on the modern technologies of Internet marketing and online advertising market, so we offer our clients innovative and effective promotional products. One of these products are spherical panoramas and virtual tours of real estate.

Spherical Panorama (3d panorama, 360 photo) – is an image represented in spherical projection.

A characteristic feature of spherical panoramas is the maximum possible angle of coverage (360×180 degrees), allowing fully display the surrounding area. The viewer creates the illusion of presence within the sphere, the inner surface of which is “spanned” the image of surrounding space. Panoramas, presented on the site, are endowed with management tools viewing, allowing to change the direction of view (up/down/left/right), as well as or zoom the image.

Virtual tours combine several 360 panoramas with the possibility of moving from one to another.

The main advantages of virtual tours are the effect of real presence. You can travel through the virtual tour project in a residential complex, the apartment after newly renovated, or in a luxury hotel.
Virtual Tour is a highly effective tool in marketing, enables us to show potential consumer product or service in a special way, creating in the viewer a sense of presence at the show, causing vivid, memorable visual images and allow more complete information about a product or service.

Multimedia virtual tours at the moment are the best way to online presentation of any interior or space.

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